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A hearing device for Don Welch’s unique occupation and lifestyle.

Chattanooga television news personality, Don Welch, shares his experience in adjusting to his new hearing devices. Dr. Johnson fitted Don with hearing aids from Lyric that employee Bluetooth technology that works best for Don’s unique occupation and lifestyle.
Turning down tinnitus

Many people experience ringing in their ears called tinnitus. Tinnitus can range from mild to severe and in some cases can seriously impact a person’s daily life and well-being. Audiologists at Johnson Audiology address the unique aspects of each individual’s challenges with tinnitus. 
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Phil Brown enjoys conversations again

Hearing loss can lead to difficulty in following and engaging in conversation with family and friends and over time can be severely isolating. Today’s state-of-the-art hearing technology allows you to hear the most subtle voice modulations in conversation again
Single-sided deafness challenges

This patient experienced tinnitus, or ringing in the ears, for seven years before he sought treatment. Dr. Johnson diagnosed his hearing loss as single-sided deafness and recommended the BiCROS which is for users with little or no hearing on one side and with some hearing in the other ear.
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Hearing those little voices again

A school teacher who had trouble hearing her students came to Johnson Audiology and found hearing aids that changed her classroom experience.
Connect to your bluetooth television and never miss a pivotal moment

George Deer was missing out on the simpler things in life like enjoying a favorite television show until he stopped in at Johnson Audiology and found a solution to his hearing problems with Bluetooth hearing aid technology.
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From one physician to another

As a physician himself, Dr. Wagner recognizes the higher level of quality a patient receives when being treated by one of the doctoral-level audiologists at Johnson Audiology. In his words, “their expertise and compassion show.”
Hearing things you’ve never heard before

Johnson Audiology patients are treated with expert care that addresses each individual’s hearing challenges. Their customer service is second to none inspiring this patient to recommend them worldwide.
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100% invisible hearing technology from Lyric

Johnson Audiology is a Premier Elite Lyric Provider. Lyric is a 100% invisible hearing device that a patient never has to remove. Lyric provides complete freedom as a patient can sleep and even shower without having to remove their hearing device.
A place where you feel like family

People of all ages can experience hearing loss. Johnson Audiology works with every patient to offer the best hearing technology options in a welcoming environment that puts a patient at ease.

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Remembering our friend Luther Masingill

Our friend, Luther Masingill, passed away at the age of 92 in October of 2014. His radio career spanned 70 years, the majority of which he signed on to the same Chattanooga station at the same time.

Luther experienced ringing in his ears, or tinnitus, which affected his daily life and career. Treating Luther’s tinnitus helped him in his daily activities during the last years of his life.

It was a pleasure working with Luther, and he is missed.
Cardiologist Dr. Randy Harrison’s hearing health paramount to his career

Dr. Randy Harrison tells us how his hearing aids have improved his experience at work, even using a stethoscope while wearing them. Johnson Audiology helped him find the right hearing aid solution for his lifestyle.
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