Whether it is a loud work environment, frequent swimming, or grower older, there are countless causes for hearing problems as you move through life. The best way to determine if you are experiencing hearing loss is to schedule routine appointments with one of our hearing specialists to see what your audiometry test results are. Once this is complete, we will assist you with custom ear pieces, if necessary. 

What is a custom ear piece? Essentially it is a custom hearing device (HPD) that is designed to fit your ear and allow you to hear more clearly. Our audiologists select the best hearing device solution based on your hearing test results and then mold it to fit your unique ear shape in order to streamline noise functionality and optimize overall comfort. 

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If you need a hearing aid, you now have a variety of options to choose from here at Johnson Audiology. With styles like in-the-ear or behind the ear focused on optimizing sound control and cosmetic appeal, you are sure to find one that works with your routine. Our audiologists offer the latest technological advancements in hearing along with a wide blend of manufactures to make sure your lifestyle is reflected in the device you choose to help you hear. And of course, we give you a 30 day adjustment period for all hearing aids. Take a look at a more in-depth description of our hearing aid options here. 

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Are you constantly asking friends and family to repeat things or turn the volume up? If you are concerned about your hearing health, start by scheduling a routine diagnostic hearing evaluation with us at Johnson Audiology. A common consultation starts with discussing your hearing loss, when it started, and what you have experienced, to help us get a better understanding of any potential hearing loss causes. After we acquire background information we will administer a hearing test to help classify the type and degree of harm in your ear.

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If your hearing aid is not working properly, before you set it aside and buy a new one, bring it in to any of our four locations! Our team of audiologists are experienced in repairing the small intricate pieces in a variety of hearing aid devices. We have a full-service lab available at each location—so now you can wait in our lobby while we work. If for some reason we are unable to repair your hearing aid, we will ship it to the appropriate manufacturer free of charge. 

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