Zoom Hearing Aids

Are you looking for a solution to help eliminate the distracting background noise during your day-to-day routine? Zoom Hearing Aid utilizes Binaural VoiceStream Technology to detect speech signals and provide clarity in both ears. This hearing aids technology focuses on removing background noise for those wearing the device. The Zoom Hearing Aid features AutoZoom, UltraZoom, and StereoZoom Technology.
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This aspect of zoom hearing aid conveniently streamlines sound by adjusting to find the speaker, wether they are in front, behind or to the side of you. With the mere touch of a button, the AutoZoom Control Program senses where the Speaker is and then zooms in that direction to find the speaker. 


Perfect for crowded settings, the Zoom will automatically use its UltraZoom instrument to focus on sounds at 90 degrees. This allows you to pick up the conversation going on around you.


Big events or lots of people make it more difficult to hear, but with the click of a button, you can zero in on a single conversation using Zoom Technology’s most sophisticated feature, StereoZoom. This piece of zoom gives you the ability to rotate between individuals, and eliminate distracting, muffled background noises.
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