Hearing Evaluation & Consultation

Hearing Evaluation & Consultation

Hearing Evaluation

Are you constantly asking friends and family to repeat things or turn something up? If you are concerned about your hearing health, start by scheduling a routine diagnostic hearing evaluation with us at Johnson Audiology. A hearing consultation starts with us discussing your hearing loss, when it started, and what you have experienced in regards to ear trouble, to help us get a better understanding of any potential hearing loss causes. After we acquire background information, we will administer a hearing test to help classify the type and degree of harm in your ear. 

Our Doctors of Audiology will review your results to determine what sounds you may be missing in your day-to-day life. A speech test will be completed in both quiet and noisy settings to help our team classify your ability to process speech sounds. 

After the results are compiled your audiologist will walk you through your test results in detail. They will explain to you the type of hearing loss you have, what may have caused it, and the sounds you may be missing in everyday activities. Then your audiologist will walk you through your options for solutions to help correct your hearing. If a hearing aid is advised they will offer you recommendations and answer any questions you have. The final decision will ultimately be up to you to select the best device for your everyday life. 

If you suspect that you may have some hearing loss and need a hearing aid, 
make an appointment today to get your hearing checked.


Our successful hearing loss testing process has allowed our audiologists to help accurately diagnose hearing loss in countless patients. The staggering fact is only around 25% of individuals who need hearing aids, actually wear them. Most of the time individuals avoid wearing hearing aids for up to seven years on average before deciding to do so. 

Middle Ear Testing

Are you experiencing middle ear problems? Our Audiologists can help. 

We offer middle ear evaluations that come in the form of tympanometry testing, which allows our audiologists to diagnose and monitor any problems spotted within the middle ear. Your test results will help us see what is contributing or causing the hearing loss. 

The tympanometry test measures how your ear responds to both sound and pressure. The results of this test often uncover ear ringing treatment and can tell our audiologists if you have any fluid in your ear, otitis media (ear infection), a problem with your Eustachian tube, or whether or not you have a perforation (hole) in your eardrum.

If you suspect that you may have middle-ear issues, 
make an appointment today for middle-ear testing.
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