Hearing Aid Repairs & Adjustments

Hearing Aid Repairs & Adjustments

Hearing Aid Repairs

With hearing aids being small and intricate devices, the pieces that work together within them run the risk of needing repairs over time. Sometimes, even if you have taken great care of your device, they stop working. Often times individuals think the next step is to purchase a new hearing aid. Here at Johnson Audiology we are happy to say that does not have to be the case.

You can bring your hearing aid repairs to any of our offices and we will look into what fixes need to be made. Our full-service lab allows us to investigate and adjust your device while you wait. Our audiologists have experience servicing a wide blend of major hearing aid manufacturers. We will be sure to inform you if your hearing aid requires repairs we are unable to perform. Under those conditions we will ship your hearing aid to the appropriate manufacturer for you. 

To make an appointment for in-house repairs, give any of our offices a call.
Chattanooga Office:  423-954-7994   
Franklin Office: 615-905-1340
Cartersville Office: 770-901-2915 
Hixson Office: 423-665-4050
Murfreesboro: 615-669-3945

Hearing Aid Adjustments

Johnson Audiology is committed to offering useful services for your hearing success. Hearing aid adjustments are available to you when needed. Each of our offices is equipped with state-of-the-art tools designed to program your hearing aids. As technology continues to advance, most of today’s hearing aid help is controlled through digital processing giving you the best possible results. 

All it takes a quick visit to our office and our team of audiologists are able to adjust your hearing aid to fit your lifestyle. All we have to do is connect your hearing aid to our computer. Stop by or call any of our locations today to get your hearing aid adjusted so you avoid living with unnecessary complications! 
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