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"The service and care from Johnson Audiology has been great. I love being able to hear now. Best audiology group in Franklin."
- Vaughn Miller
"I love my hearing aids."
- Gale Cyphers
"My mother lost hearing in her left ear 33 years ago from a brain tumor, She tried hearing aids shortly thereafter. She found the all of the static and background noise was not worth the marginal increase in hearing. My daughter is friends with (Dr. Dudney) and she told us that there had been a tremendous increase in hearing aid technology and that we should come to Johnson Audiology for an evaluation. We did and were very impressed with the level of professionalism, patience and expertise. Once Mother was fitted with her hearing aids the look on her face was astounding. She could really hear in her left ear and this would change her life. She could now hear people at church and in the family like never before.
Immediately after she received her hearing aids, we got in the car and Mother said "if everyone was like Lydia, this world would be a much better place." And she is right."
- Bandi Brown
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