Custom Ear Pieces

Custom Ear Pieces

Prolonged exposure to loud noises can cause severe damage to your hearing if it goes untreated. In fact, this is one of the main causes of hearing loss for most individuals. When hearing damage goes unnoticed it can result in permanent hearing damage that may require hearing protection devices, custom ear plugs, or some sort of ear protection moving forward. If you are around machinery or loud noises on a regular basis you need to protect your ears. This includes, but is not limited to: 

Airline Pilots • Musicians • Industrial workers
 Target shooters • Landscapers • Motorcyclists • And More

Hearing protection is a wise precaution for anyone questioning the level of noise they are experiencing. This simple act can prevent life-long hearing damage. 
Are you looking to protect your hearing from noisy and potentially damaging environments? Here at Johnson Audiology, we can fit you for custom hearing devices (HPDs). The comfort, performance and functionality of custom made hearing protection is unmatched with anything you can buy off a shelf. We take the time to mold the piece to fit your ear shape and size perfectly. Our audiologist is able to select the hearing protection device (HPD) that best fits your needs. 

We also provide custom earplugs for those who need protection from things other than sound. For example, we provide custom ear plugs for swimmers that want to keep their ears protected from water and water pressure.

Regardless of your work environment, routine hearing evaluations are important to protect your ears from harmful, permanent damage. You can even reverse beginning stages of hearing loss if you catch ear damage early on.
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