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"Thank you Dr. Guthrie for helping me hear better"
- Cody Bradley
"I recommend Johnson Audiology to all my friends who struggle with hearing loss. They have always treated me with respect and compassion and I wouldn't go anywhere else for hearing aids. They are the only place I would trust with my hearing health care."
-Norma Jean Adams
"We have been coming to Johnson Audiology for several years now, we both were fit with hearing aids at the same time and we have absolutely loved our new ears from day one. They have brought such a wonderful experience, allowing the two of us to hear and communicate much better with each other, our friends and family members. You never realize all the wonderful sounds that your missing until you get great quality hearing aids and from professionals who truly know how to properly program them to our hearing loss. Dr. Russell and Dr. Porter always do an amazing job in attending to our hearing needs. We recommend everyone we know to come see them if they need help with their hearing."
- Grady & Nell Massingill
"The front office staff at Johnson Audiology are always so pleasant and professional, Dr. Whitney Smith has always been so helpful to me regarding my hearing loss. I was worried that I would never be able to get used to a hearing aid, however, I've been pleasantly surprised by how quickly I've gotten use to them and adjusted to the sounds that i had been missing for so long. If i can get used to them, anybody can. "
-Charles Durham
"Their personal attention to your hearing needs and wants is what separates this audiology group from all the rest. They are second to None!"
- Joel Susman
"Hearing loss can be so gradual that we often do not even realize the problem. However, we can always count on our families to bring us to the table! Dr. Susan Porter and Johnson Audiology have been a wonderful fit for me. Even though my hearing loss is not profound yet the ability to be able to hear even a quiet birdsong is magical. Dr. Porter worked closely with me to find the most effective hearing aid available. Life is beautiful for a hearing miracle!"
- Betty Whaley
"I would have never thought I could hear this well at 96!"
- Elizabeth Love
"My visit at this center was more than comfortable. Felt like family on my first visit. Highly recommend these people to anyone who may have hearing problems. Thanks Dr. Smith for all Your help."
- Lewis Brock
"Their professionalism and knowledge in in the field of Audiology helped me with my hearing loss and I highly recommend them to anyone who is experiencing any type of hearing problems."
- George Deer
"I have an acoustic neuroma where the brain tumor gets on the acoustic nerve going to my ears and my face causing significant hearing loss. I went to many hearing clinics here in the Chattanooga area where no one could seem to figure out how to help me or what hearing aid style to use for the type of hearing loss that I had. I first didn't want a hearing aid because I thought I was too young to have one. I tried one more time this time going to Johnson Audiology to see if they were different from the other places. Dr. Megan Johnson totally changed my life, I'm so glad I came here and saw an Audiologist. The hearing aid technology they recommend was exactly what I needed for my specific type of hearing loss. Because of what they have been able to do for me, I'm a lifelong patient of Johnson Audiology.."
- Joey Whitaker
"Their professionalism and knowledge in in the field of Audiology helped me with my hearing loss and I highly recommend them to anyone who is experiencing any type of hearing problems."
- George Deer
"I love absolutely everything they have done for me in terms of my hearing. I would recommend anyone with hearing issues to come to Johnson Audiology, you won't be disappointed. I'm understanding everything so much better with my new hearing aids."
- Paul Pratt
"My life is better with my new hearing aids. I can hear the things people are saying around me. My experience at Johnson Audiology has been the best I've ever had and the hearing aids are great. Dr. Smith thoroughly explained everything to me and is all around a very nice person."
- Jack Vick
"Johnson Audiology is the best medical office in the area. There is no staff around as good as theirs. We have been to two other hearing clinics before we ended up at Johnson Audiology; we were so happy when we found Dr. Whitney Smith. We wouldn't consider going anywhere else."
- Samuel and Barbara Somma
"They have taken such good care of me here. I love how they have helped me hear so much better. The entire experience has been absolutely wonderful. Dr. Mary Kate Russell is so sweet and kind and always willing to spend plenty of time to help me."
- Ruby Walker
"The ease and satisfaction of getting my hearing corrected from Johnson Audiology was fabulous. Dr. Whitney Smith was wonderful."
-Dennis Johnson
"Dr. Courtney Guthrie took plenty of time to listen to all my needs and has helped me hear again. She has always been very professional and trustworthy. I recommend you see her if your struggling to hear."
- Eugene Merkel
"These new hearing aids have given me a new perspective on life. It's so much more enjoyable to hear your loved ones. Thank you Dr. Whitney Smith."
-Nannie Sampson
"I was diagnosed with loss of hearing in my left ear. Dr. Whitney Smith fitted me for a hearing aid and was right on with what I needed.  "
- Austin Logan
"This group of hearing professionals has the best customer service i have ever experienced out of any business i have interacted with over the past 30 years. Whomever reads this, I hope you take my advice and go to Johnson Audiology if your needing hearing aids. There is no other clinic in the area that can match their level of service, experience and expertise. They have changed my life for the better."
-Bob McKamey
"My friend, Dr. Russell is truly the most caring and helpful hearing professional i have ever dealt with. I was never pressured or treated like a customer being sold something. She tested my hearing, went over the results and let me know that it was my decision and that she would do everything possible to help no matter what i decided. Other hearing places just tried to sell me a hearing aid, not at Johnson Audiology. They respected me and gave me all the time i needed in order to make a decision. Everyone at the Chattanooga office cares about me and it shows. They are the best group in town."
- Allan Phillips
"The best decision i ever made about my hearing was coming to Johnson Audiology and trusting my hearing healthcare to Dr. Guthrie. She has done an amazing job in helping me understand and communicate better in noisy situations. I urge anyone with hearing loss to come to Johnson Audiology, they truly care about their patients and will work hard until they find the right hearing aid that fits your hearing loss. Any time i come in, I always see an audiologist, they have always taken unlimited time to answer all my questions, make sure that I'm hearing the best i possibly can and that my hearing aids are working at the highest level. Your wasting your time going anywhere else!"
-Cristian Reyes Gatica
"The new technology is fabulous. The Lyric is a hearing aid that Dr. Guthrie inserts in each ear, they're there all the time, you sleep with them, you take a shower with them in, you hear everything that goes on around you, you can't see them, I don't even know they're there except they work and I can hear everything so clearly. When it comes to Lyric hearing aids I wouldn't go anywhere else but Johnson Audiology. They are simply the Best!"
- Mary Lu Henry
"Dr. Whitney Smith has helped me with my new ears, she is my friend and audiologist. I recommend you come see her if you need hearing aids."
-Clabon Johnson
"I hear things I had not heard before and it's just wonderful. I love my hearing aids. If your beginning to have difficulties with your hearing Johnson Audiology is the place to go. I am so well pleased with the service of this company that I could recommend it worldwide."
- Charles Forester
"Dr. Susan Porter has done an amazing job in helping me hear better, it's been the best experience possible."
-Ken Blankenship
"For a truly thorough and caring experience come see Dr. Mary Kate Russell"
- Elmer Roy
"This is my third set of hearing aids since 1988. The ease and dignity shown by the staff and especially Dr. Whitney Smith, surpasses all the other experiences I have previously had in the Chattanooga area. From the warm and inviting waiting area to the professional inner offices, a person is made to feel as if they were the most important person in the world. With a thorough explanation of the process given, Dr. Smith smoothly answered any questions posed to her. The entire experience was a seem less and professional process, my new hearing aids came in quickly, I did not have to wait long for an appointment and the staff worked hard to get everything taken care of. I would recommend Johnson Audiology to my friends and family members. My experience was, Awesome. Thank you again for all you did."
-Mike Evans
"Great experience every time I come in."
- Shannon Leamon
"My name is Tavis Green and I've been deaf since birth. Recently my hearing aids has been having some issues so i started looking for a clinic in Chattanooga that could help me and would accept my insurance. Many hearing aid places in Chattanooga would not accept my insurance but Johnson Audiology would. They offered me a program that will help get my hearing aid repaired. I saw Dr. Whitney Smith who was so helpful and professional, i love working with her and appreciate all the time she took with me. I also want to thank the entire front office staff that helped check my insurance and found a $3000 benefit toward new hearing aids. I would recommend anyone with hearing loss to come see Dr. Whitney Smith and the staff at Johnson Audiology, they are simply the best. They truly care about me and my hearing loss."
-Tavis Green
"I knew that I had hearing loss for many years but did nothing about it. After seeing and hearing about Johnson Audiology I thought it was time to schedule a visit. My hearing test and consultation was awesome. Not only did I learn how bad my hearing was but I also got an education on the several different solution options I could consider. They did not "steer" me into any one solution but presented the options. i chose to try the Lyric hearing solution and have been amazed for the past 10 month's how great it is to hear so much better (and think about how much I missed for so many years). The office staff and Doctors are always willing to help with any question or issue, appointments have been easy to schedule, and even though they are very busy i get in and out in an acceptable amount of time. this is a definite 5 star group!"
- Steve Krug
"Most Doctors offices make me nervous but Johnson Audiology made me feel comfortable when they did my testing and put me completely at ease. Dr. Johnson went over all the test results and took plenty of time to answer all my questions. I did not realize how much I was missing out on until I got my hearing aids. Dr. Johnson is amazing and I am proud to be a patient of Johnson Audiology."
-Aldonna Crabtree
"Both my wife and I went to Johnson Audiology and received hearing aids at the same time because we were both struggling to hear and understand conversation in groups and restaurants. We both couldn't be any happier with the service, the staff or the quality or our hearing aids. They have helped us enjoy our lives better and more fully because we can hear each other again. We love Johnson Audiology and Dr. Whitney Smith."
- Jeanette & Eugene Bales
"After getting my new hearing aids I noticed right away that I could hear so much better. I was so happy that tears came to my eyes. I had always been embarrassed about not being able to hear well and I was thrilled when that changed. Although getting used to my hearing aids took some time, I am now easily able to put them in and out and I love the way they sound. My only regret is not getting them sooner. However, at 88 I realize there is no such thing as too young or too old to get them. I am so glad I did! There is no place other than Johnson Audiology I would go, and there's no audiologist other than Dr. Whitney Smith I would like to see!"
-Lindy Taylor
"Thank you so much Johnson Audiology. Dr Whitney Smith is awesome. She was so patient, informative and never made us feel rushed. Her knowledge of hearing loss and aides is beyond measure. I'm hearing things I haven't heard in years. Thank you for everything."
- Charles Whitecotton
"Dr. Courtney Guthrie has always taken the best care of me, I'm a life long patient of Johnson Audiology."
-Rob Copabella
"The best all around for your hearing concerns and needs. Dr. Whitney Smith and the staff are professional, caring and very friendly. They truly care about their patients and will do anything to assure that their satisfaction. Great quality care in a very comfortable setting.
I'll never go anywhere else for my hearing healthcare."
- Joel Hearn
"We have been going to Johnson Audiology for my son's hearing loss for over 3 years and they have always taken great care of my boys and their all hearing needs. "
-Lisa Shine
"This place provides complete 5 star service. We love coming out for every appointment, we love the service and care we receive and we love our audiologist, Dr. Susan Porter."
- Bennie & Elise Gallaher
"Do yourself a favor and come to Johnson Audiology. It's better than all the other places out there!"
-Harvey Schmelzer
"I have never been treated with such respect, attention, and care as what I have received from day one at Johnson Audiology. Dr. Whitney Smith puts a smile on my face every time i come to see her."
- James Gooch
"Dr. Whitney Smith truly cares for her patients!"
-Janice Wilson
"They treat you as if you're their only patient, that's customer service!"
- Kris Erskin
"Johnson Audiology is by far the Best Audiology clinic in Chattanooga!"
-Glen Cornelius
"If you want to start hearing better, stop waiting and come see Dr. Whitney Smith at Johnson Audiology. They have all the equipment necessary to get you fixed up and hearing things you haven't heard in years. I am amazed by what they have done for me here."
- Donald Hladik
"As a physician I understand the importance of education, a doctorate degree, and professional credentials. That is why i chose to see an audiologist and more specifically, Dr. Susan Porter at Johnson Audiology, she has absolutely done an amazing job in helping me hear my patients more clearly. I would only trust my hearing under the care of an Audiologist!"
- Dr. Arthur VonWerssowetz
"My name is Nicolas Hernandez and I was born without a left ear due to Goldenhar Syndrome. I have been unable to hear conversations from my left ear and have always needed to ensure that everyone who speaks to me are on my right side. Learning and understanding family and friends has always been a challenge for me until recently.
 I was fortunate enough to meet Dr. Whitney Smith and Johnson Audiology. I was fitted with a CROS hearing aid and can now hear conversations that I would normally have missed. I can stand or sit anywhere and hear! I'm told that I haven't stopped smiling! I am very happy with my new ability to hear everything around me!
 Thank you Dr. Whitney and everyone at Johnson Audiology. My life has changed dramatically and looking forward to the new school year!"
- Nicolas Hernandez
"Dr. Courtney Guthrie is simply amazing, she has restored my hearing. If you have hearing loss, I urge you to make an appointment with Johnson Audiology."
 - Sue Abbott
"Dear Dr. Whitney Smith
I am so excited about my new hearing aids! I hear my TV so much more clearly and I can understand the words better. I don't have to say "huh" anymore and that makes me feel more secure in social situations. I cannot believe how comfortable my hearing aids are. I forget they're in my ears and I have to just touch them to make sure they're still in. I also can't believe how easy they are to get in and out. Finally, I'm also so glad that there is no feedback with these hearing aids.
 I have really enjoyed coming to your office. All the staff is lovely and always smiling. You have been so patient and kind to me. The office is always so clean. I am also impressed with all the different hearing aid choices and technology levels.
 I will recommend you to all my friends and family!"
-Francese Byrd
"During my first appointment with Johnson Audiology I was struck by how professional the staff was and how well they treated me, a perfect stranger. I felt at home. Within a short period of time Dr. Whitney Smith had my hearing loss diagnosed and a clear plan as to how to restore the tones that I had thought were gone forever. By my 2nd visit the cordial staff had me fitted with hearing aids for both ears. The step by step instructions given to me as to how use the hearing aids successfully and problem free was clear and precise. Provided with a streamer and the simple instructions by Dr. Smith on how to install and use it, I was soon able to listen to the TV in my bedroom while I washed my dishes two rooms away in the kitchen! A follow up visit insured that I was doing what was necessary to clean and maintain the hearing aids. I was delighted with the services provided by Dr. Smith and the staff at Johnson Audiology. I can hear birds sing for the first time in decades, I no longer have to strain to hear the teacher in my Sunday school class. And best of all I can hear the most minute sounds that my new grandson, Gordon lee Waldrop, can make! If not for Johnson Audiology and Dr. Smith I would have never heard Gordon Lee's first tiny sneeze nor his wee hiccups. Life is good!"
-Charles David Head
"I have been very pleased with the service at Johnson Audiology from my first visit. Dr. Mary Kate Russell was patient and thorough in the exam process. She explained both the what and the why all along the way. She researched my insurance and the assistance they would provide toward getting my hearing aids. Her smile and pleasant disposition are greatly appreciated. Thank you, Johnson Audiology, for providing me with the hearing assistance that I needed."
-Dr. Roy Soyfield
"Dr. Whitney Smith is the Best"
- Carl McDade
"Today could be the first red letter day in my life in a long, long time indeed. All because of two little hearing aids I've needed and wanted to one degree or another for many years, just didn't know how much. While this joy doesn't rank quite as high as discovering and embracing both physically and emotionally the love of my life, it's a real humdinger indeed. Sort of like having your complete horizon change forever when that moment of truth occurs, I'm sitting here at my computer right now reveling in the joy of HEARING everything that's going on around me, even the somewhat annoying click of the keys!!!
While I've known that many once familiar situations were becoming increasingly difficult, some almost impossible for me, the delight of tossing those struggling, irritating, often downright embarrassing moments and tasks has suddenly risen to it's once imagined glory, leaving me to HEAR and appreciate the sounds of a pretty ordinary day in yet another pretty ordinary setting. Right here in my very own life and it's very day to day surroundings.
I understand that today is just the first day for me on this new hearing plane. Ordinary things may soon lose their newly discovered ability to create joy. I must confess that I've wondered if this step was worth the time, the considerable cost, and the effort for someone my age who doesn't expect to live much beyond another 30 years. If you're in that boat, may I encourage you to try the path I just discovered. We won't miss the necessity of using that polite, but sometimes irritating expression "I beg your pardon" whenever someone else speaks. Instead we'll smile and revel in the ability to take a firm hold once again on that magic plane we might have otherwise forgotten; a place where we can hear and communicate with each other. Thank you Dr. Whitney Smith for helping me hear everything i've been missing."
-Caroline Cavitt
"This is the Best hearing aid and audiology place in town, they take such good care of me every time I come in"
-Ralph Renegar
"Do I love my hearing aids? The answer simply put is Oh Yes! I received my hearing aids about two weeks ago and as soon as I put them in, it was wonderful. As I walked outside the office door I remember thinking what is that sound, I stopped to listen, and when I did I heard two distinct birds chirping in the trees as if they were having a conversation. I took my glasses off and began to cry. I know that the people passing buy me must have thought I was losing it but I didn't care because they were tears of joy. It's been about ten years since I've been able to hear birds singing in the trees and I felt like a kid again. We recently had a get together at my dad's house to celebrate Father's Day and I sat there just listening to everyone's conversation. I could hear every word, every joke, and every laugh. Words alone can't express how happy I am to be able to hear again. I am truly grateful for Dr. Whitney Smith at Johnson Audiology. Thank you for taking the time to work with me. Thank you for giving me back my life."
- Dan H.
"Dear Dr. Whitney, thank you so much for being so kind and helpful, I am so thankful that God gave you your profession."
- Anna S.
"I wanted to thank everyone in the Chattanooga office for helping me with my hearing and especially for the captel phone that includes a screen where i can read every word the other person says, you really went out of your way. May God bless you."
- Don A.
"I am so happy I decided to come to Johnson Audiology to get my hearing aids. I have needed them for a long time and finally decided I needed to be able to hear. I work retail and it was getting harder for me to understand customers when they talked to me. Sometimes people would be rude to me and I didn't want to go to work. I was staying home not wanting to socialize because I couldn't hear what other people were saying, so i just kept to myself. It took about a month for me to fully adjust to my hearing aids, but it is so worth it. I can hear people talking now and I can participate in conversations. My friend told me the other day that I was like my old self again. That feels great! Everyone at Johnson Audiology has been so nice, especially Dr. Whitney Smith.."
- Regina R.
"Dr. Whitney Smith has made my experience at Johnson Audiology, life changing. I never realized how silent my world was until you fixed me up. Now, everyday is alive with new sounds. Thanks to you Dr. Whitney, my hearing is operating in "High Definition"
- Jim G.
"Johnson Audiology does a great job in reacting to your concerns and making adjustments as needed. I give them my highest recommendation."
- Robert T.
"My visit at this center was more than comfortable. Felt like family on my first visit. Highly recommend these people to anyone who may have hearing problems. Thanks Dr. Smith for all Your help."
- Lewis B.
"Doctor Susan Porter is more than an excellent Audiologist but a fabulous person. I feel blessed to have her as my Doctor On a scale of 1 through 10, with 10 being GREAT, she is a 20!!"
- Tony P.
"I recently made the decision to get my hearing checked after I could no longer be part of any conversations in noisy places. I was having to ask my husband what others were saying to me and it was making me feel old, not to mention totally frustrated. After running some tests, Whitney Smith explained that I had mild to moderate sensorineual nerve loss. She fit me with new hearing aids and I immediately had positive results. Plus, you can't see them! I am so happy that I didn't let this go on unchecked. I really appreciate that I have never had to wait more than 5 minutes before being seen for my appointment. I am pleased all around with my experience at Johnson Audiology with Whitney and the staff."
- Deb M.
"Had extensive testing, so much more than other audiologist and clinic in Chattanooga I have gone to. Had issues with the new molds but Johnson Audiology sent them back and had fixed without question, very throughout experience. Love my new Aids."
- Lisa L.
"Customer focused with care and compassion to understand your individual challenges and needs. A top shelf organization in every aspect of their practice.
I'm currently a Lyric user. Put my hearing loss off for multiple years. Heard my wife's wonderful words and voice again as when I first met her 35 years ago. Don't wait..."
- Jeff Z.
"My dad is 75 and has not taken the best care of himself but works extremely hard! His hearing has diminished greatly and Johnson Audiology were professional, sweet and willing to listen to his stories!! We are looking forward to them helping my dad to hear better!"
- Shelly C.
"Dr. Mary Kate Russel was great. Explained everything that happened during the exam and answered all our questions. The staff is so friendly. Would recommend this office highly."
- Sharon C.
"When a person has severe hearing loss, and is middle-aged, chances are they’ve been poked, prodded, and examined by many doctors/audiologists. I am one of those folks, and I have had many opportunities to make an informed comparison. I took a chance and headed to Johnson this week. Their reputation is stellar, and I was not disappointed. They are professional, concerned, courteous, and very up-to-date on research and technology. They honestly want to help their patients have the most productive life with one of the most difficult limitations. The office staff is professional and courteous, as well. Thank you, Dr. Whitney Smith, and all of those that made this visit pleasant for me! I highly recommend this office!"
- Vicki G.
"Completely impressed with this audiology clinic and the people there. From the time I walked in the door, I felt like I was being given the VIP treatment. After the usual tests (which would have been done over two separate appointments back in my Army days), the doctor proceeded to explain the results and then completely shocked me by basically overhauling my old hearing aid so that it would fit better for me while awaiting the new one to arrive (that adjustment would have been a third visit in the Army world, by the way). I walked out hearing better and with an appointment scheduled to have my hearing aid replaced by a newer and better model. Truly deserving of their five star rating and multiple awards."
- Ben F.
"Dr. Russell is wonderful. She is incredibly knowledgeable, thorough, and puts my family at ease. I am grateful for her care and professionalism! I can't recommend her highly enough."
- Erin B.
"I had a wonderful experience at Johnson Audiology with Dr. Russell. Her warm, cheery demeanor put my grandfather at ease while she performed her exam. He said she was so sweet he will probably wear his hearing aids!"
- Katie P.
"Absolutely love what those girls have done to improve and give me a better quality of life. Thank you so much, whenever needed they are there to answer my questions or help me adjust to a better and fulfilling life."
- Norby R.
"I have been very impressed with the level of care that Johnson Audiology provides to their patients. They go above and beyond to provide the best technology and service. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for audiological services in the Chattanooga area!"
- Diana B.
"Professional staff, excellent service. I would not consider anyone else. Dr. Whitney Smith has always taken such great care of me and my family!" 
-Lauren O.
"I have worked with Whitney Smith (audiologist) in the past. She is an amazing gal! She truly cares about her patients and it shows that she loves what she does"
- Natalie R.
"My first experience with Johnson Audiology was several years ago, back in 2009 not soon after they opened with a staff of three; Megan, Derek and her father. Since that time the practice has grown to what it is now due to highly experienced , professional and friendly staff that treat you as a person with honesty and integrity. This is an amazing group of individuals that truly care for their patients. You will find none better" 
-William D.
"I've had several hearing test during my life time, and without a doubt the one I got at Johnson Audiology, was the best I ever had. I fully recommend them to anyone that needs a hearing test. They are very professional, and courteous in all their dealings to their clients. It is definitely a place one can go and feel comfortable while you are there. I was sent there by the Veterans dept, and was treated very respectful. The instruments that I received are excellent. I 've had other aids that come way short of these that I received from Johnson Audiology."
- Paul B.
"Everyone is this office is a true professional in every way. Thanks to these folks I can hear the music of life all around me again. I can't say how much I appreciate what they've done for me. If you're having hearing issues these are the people to trust!" 
-David B.
"Johnson audiology is the best! They are professional and friendly. They worked diligently with my husband to ensure everything was working properly. He can hear in his deaf ear by use of the new hearing aids! Thank you!"
- Judy B.
"To me Johnson Audiology Group is the best. I am 63 yrs old. I have been deaf all my life in my right ear. It got old, embarrassing asking people to repeat all the time. A lot of times I would just smile and go on, to keep from asking them to repeat. Well, last year I was told about Johnson Audiology. I paid these wonderful people a visit. They fixed me right up with the hearing aids that was good for me. I really don't know how I made it through life without them. I thank all of you at Johnson Audiology." 
-Letricuce G.
"I had been to several audiology offices prior. I left those offices being very dissatisfied and disappointed were the lack of professionalism. I went to Johnson Audiology on Gunbarrel Rd. When I went in I was greeted by Monica. Then I was greeted by the audiologist, I was completely shocked by the way that I was treated, like I was family, and it still remains that way today. They explained to me their results, as well as my options . I cannot put in to words how they took care of me and made it possible for me to be able to hear again. What a blessing these fine, wonderful people are. I would highly recommend Johnson Audiology to anyone. Don't mess with the rest, go to the best, Johnson Audiology."
- Tim H.
"I have gone to a few other audiologist and they do not compare to Johnson Audiology. I have been going there since they have opened. I have been pleased with the service I have received. They are very caring and compassionate to my needs very willing to meet my need. I would not go anywhere else. They gave me a hearing test and fitted me with a hearing aid to what I needed not what they thought I needed. They will sit and listen and ask questions to make sure they have an understanding of what I need, thank you ladies for your service." 
-Pat A.
"My husband and father have both gotten hearing aids at Johnson Audiology. It was a great experience from the beginning. The highly trained staff was so kind, helpful and friendly and we believe their hearing aids have been exactly what they needed. Since they were fitted, the Johnson Audiology staff has continued to follow up promptly with whatever they have needed. I would highly recommend Johnson Audiology to anyone with concerns about their hearing."
- Kay P.
"This is the best office I have been to in the Chattanooga area! Having tried two other local audiology offices before coming here, my only regret is that I did not try this one sooner. From the minute I walked in, the front office staff made me feel so welcome. When I went back for my test I was a bit nervous but Dr. Whitney Smith put my mind at ease. She was so pleasant and kind! The test was much more involved than the ones I had at other offices and seemed much more thorough. She spent a lot of time explaining my test results to me in a way that I could easily understand. I will recommend this office to anyone I know that needs help with their hearing or tinnitus issues." 
-Jessica L.
"I've had occasion to visit the Chattanooga office several times, and the welcome is always friendly. I am impressed that it is an all Doctor of Audiology staff, which contributes to the very professional atmosphere and instills confidence. Dr. Russell is thorough, approachable, kind and puts you at ease. Simply the best!"
- Marie G.
"The Johnson Audiology family is the best. They are caring and sincere and offer top-notch care. You are not treated as a customer but as family." 
-Laura B.
"In years very old (in mind not that old), means I have visited several offices for various ailments during my 75 years. I can very truthfully say Johnson Audiology, from the girls that greet you coming in the door or answering my calls, to the Audiologist, are the most professional I have ever had the privilege to visit. For whatever reason, I put off for a long time having my hearing administered to. I was at ease from the minute I walked in, diagnosed and a plan for me was formulated. They worked very closely with me to see that I was totally satisfied! I would encourage anyone who knows, or think they have a hearing issue, to not put it off, call and arrange to be seen and find out for sure! You will not be disappointed!"
- Ellis B.
"These ladies have taken great care of my Daddy. They have been so accommodating and kind to him and to me!" 
-Anita H.
"Thank you Johnson Audiology for making an amazing difference in my dad's life. Courtney is the best! He can hear the birds for the first time in a very long time and no more yelling! Blessed and happy today."
- Lana H.
"I can't say enough good things about the staff at Johnson Audiology! I've shed many tears of happiness because of the excellent care that they have provided for my daughter. They use cutting edge technology, and they are in the know about the best resources available for their patients. We feel completely at ease with them, and trust that they are providing the BEST care for my daughter. This is definitely the place to go for your hearing loss needs! We love you all!" 
-Chasney Zulueta
"This place is awesome. My son was born hearing impaired and we moved to Chattanooga when he was 6. We had a hard time finding an audiology facility that could fit our needs. Johnson Audiology does just that."
- Jennifer M.
"Hearing loss affects a wide age range and they know how to treat everyone effectively. AWESOME staff, knowledgeable doctors and a warm and welcoming environment. They're my hearing loss experts!" 
-Louise M.
"I had been told that Johnson Audiology was a great place to for hearing needs by some of my coworkers, and they were right. The staff were really friendly and office was really nice. 
Whitney Smith fitted me with a great pair of hearing aids that fitted my ears perfectly and now I can here things that I haven't been able to in years. 
I will be using them for many years to come."
- Ronald G.
"From the moment I walked in the door I knew Johnson Audiology would offer a higher level of customer service than the average medical office. The front desk staff was very welcoming as was everyone I came into contact with. Dr. Whitney Smith was such a pleasure to work with. She is very knowledgeable, but also makes you feel at ease. Fabulous office all around." 
-Lauren O.
"My experience with Johnson Audiology, and Mary Kate Russel specifically, could not have been more pleasant. I am actually looking forward to my follow-up visit! Go figure! Thanks so much!"
- Gary K.
"I have been wearing hearing aids for over 10 years and my hearing has declined to "profound" hearing loss. Dr. Courtney Guthrie has worked above and beyond a mere hearing aid sale to help me find the best hearing aid for my situation. Dr. Guthrie and Dr Johnson have allowed me to try different models, taken the extra time and attention to detail to 'tweak' the adjustments, met with representatives to learn the options available. I have been extremely pleased with their professionalism, knowledge and concern. The staff is pleasant and always ready to help.
I would most definitely recommend Johnson Audiology for your hearing needs." 
-Kelly D.
"I made an appointment because I was not hearing very well even with the hearing aids I have had for around 5 years. I was given a hearing test and shown the results that although my hearing had not changed a lot since my last test, the hearing aids I had were outdated and they offered to let me try some newer ones for a 30 day free period to see if I could tell a difference. These were digital and they certainly had me hearing much better. I wore them for the 30 days and then asked to try another kind to see which I would prefer. They gave me another 30 day free trial for those as well. I saw both Dr. Guthrie and Dr. Johnson and both were very professional and most helpful. I am so pleased with my hearing now and would highly recommend Johnson Audiology to anyone needing their services."
- Diane F.
"After I started teaching, I found I was having trouble understanding my students but, after one visit with Dr. Guthrie, she identified the problem and got me the right pair of hearing aids for my needs. The hearing aids worked great, mostly because of the extreme attention to detail in the fitting and adjustment process. Dr. Guthrie and the staff at Johnson Audiology were amazing and both my quality of life and job performance have definitely improved." 
-Lee W.
"Love Dr. Whitney Smith and would recommend her to my family and friends. She put me at ease and I felt extremely comfortable. Very friendly and professional."
- Stephanie B.
"I wanted to give a shout out to my favorite audiologist Dr. Whitney Smith. She is super helpful and very personable. I highly recommend her. You won't be disappointed!" 
-Mimi L.
"Dr. Whitney Smith is very professional and caring. She took the time to thoroughly go over my testing and listened to my concerns. Thanks to my friend for referring me to her! Highly recommended."
- Stephanie B.
"Dr. Whitney Smith is exceptional. She truly cares about her patients." 
-Emily C.
"I had been told that Johnson Audiology was a great place to for hearing needs by some of my coworkers, and they were right. The staff were really friendly and office was really nice. 
Whitney Smith fitted me with a great pair of hearing aids that fitted my ears perfectly and now I can here things that I haven't been able to in years. I will be using them for many years to come."
- Ronald G.
"I clicked highest rating of 10 on the BBB to show that I am extremely likely to recommend Johnson Audiology and, in fact, I have already done so. I recently started teaching and was having a great deal of trouble understanding many of my students but, after one visit with Dr. Guthrie, got me the right pair of hearing aids for my needs. The hearing aids have made such a tremendous difference in the way I do my job that I have recommended Dr. Guthrie and Johnson Audiology to at least two of the teachers with whom I work. I honestly can't say enough great things about this company. From my initial visit to visits for fine-tuning and adjustments, everyone I've worked with has been spectacular friendly, knowledgeable, and willing to do whatever it takes to make sure everything works just right." 
-Lee W.
"Couldn't have better things to say about Dr. Courtney Guthrie and her team. She has never let me down answering any questions I have about hearing loss and aides and clearly knows what she is doing. Highly, highly recommend!!!"
- Carrie C.
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